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The Little Red Hen Bakery has flown the coop! 
They've used our kitchen for the past 4 years to really grow their business and clientele. They've moved to their own location at 302 G St.
Head down there and say hello!


Our selection of breads that are available to you everyday.
Rustic Sourdough
Country French
Rosemary Olive Oil
100% Whole Wheat
Seeded 100% Wheat
Signature Cookies


MONDAY: Cranberry Orange Braided Bread
TUESDAY: Spinach Feta
WEDNESDAY: Cranberry Almond Swirl
THURSDAY: Spelt, Muffins
FRIDAY: Cinnamon Raisin Walnut, Muffins or Tea Bread
SATURDAY: Chili Cheddar, Cinnamon Rolls,
Cranberry Almond Swirl, Muffins or Tea Bread
SUNDAY: Cinnamon/Pecan Swirl Bread, Cinnamon Rolls