about us


PBI's mission: Make fresh, local food as available as possible with the goals of helping Central Colorado farmers and producers grow, the economy thrive, customers get real value for their food dollars and have you be able to enjoy food as fresh and great as your grandparents did.

Did you ever run across something that just didn't fit the normal paradigm? Well that's us here at Ploughboy, Inc. We are a food market, but we're not about being a conventional grocery store – Salida has enough of those. What we're about (in our own small way) is being an economic development vehicle. The entire reason we exist is to make our customers so happy with the foods they buy here, that they use us as a means to plough money back into the community.

Salida, Colorado and its surrounding area is a region that has spectacular scenery, people, activities and resources, but rather limited economic opportunities. Moreover, because of the community's size and other factors, residents also have limited choices as to where to spend their hard earned dollars on things they need – such as food. Given the options that are available, such as big box grocery stores, almost all the dollars residents spend on groceries immediately leave the region. The fact that so many local dollars are continuously ripped out of the community means there are fewer dollars to fuel economic development in the region and economic low-ebb is perpetuated.

Ploughboy, Inc.'s goal is to intercept as many dollars as we can to help fuel our local economy. We divert them so they instead are re-invested back in our region with farmers, ranchers and local product engineers as well as the city of Salida and surrounding areas.

We have this idea that we can perpetuate well-executed capitalism right here in Salida. Instead of going to China or New Zealand or California or South America, we want the best stuff that is made, grown or raised right here and we want to get it to you at a competitive price that gives you a true value for your food dollars.

It turns out that Salida and its surrounding region is a mecca of great products. Have you ever had one of Sally Merrell's eggs? They're super delicious with yolks the color of a school bus. Once you've had one you'll be hard pressed to buy a pale, tasteless factory egg ever again. How about Sheldon and Brendan Rockey's fingerling potatoes? Eat your heart out Idaho! Or Troyer's pasture-raised chicken? They actually have TASTE! And what would summer be without sweet Olathe or Pueblo corn?

What big industry grocery store can sell you in the way of "food" simply isn't in the same ballpark of what we can provide. So we asked ourselves, what if there were a way of getting the taste and quality of foods from someone's own region out to folks in a way that was super convenient, eliminating driving to each producers farm or ranch and staying cost competitive as compared to similar items in a grocery store? If we could do that, people would have a way to not only help the local economy thrive, but also get better value for their food dollars as they do it.

What we bring to the market are amazing foods that are grown, raised and made here in Colorado. It's not just produce, it's not just organic, it's not just anything other than grown, raised or made here by your own Colorado neighbors. We do this by forming relationships with exceptional local producers, bringing their local products to a central, easy to access sales point right here in the heart of Salida and then creating the best customer shopping experience we possibly can. The bottom line is, we want our producers to come to value us as a great partner in growing their businesses and our customers to think we're the coolest foods market they've ever set foot in.