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Current open positions: Inventory Management and Merchandizing Position (receiving, stocking and store set up)

Ploughboy, Inc. is a local market and kitchen located in the small Colorado mountain town of Salida (across from the Safeway). We are a mission-driven business that is unlike anything else. We deliver great food, support local food producers and provide a customer experience that is absolutely unique. And, we're serious about having fun while doing it.

Our team is skilled, knowledgeable and driven to keep us on the leading edge.  We get great press, have a fantastic reputation and are the current holder of Nature Conservancy's Nature's Plate Award for sustainability in food service in Colorado. Working with us is no cake-walk. But, it is incredibly rewarding.

Right now we're looking to add one person on a part time gasis to help us manage our inventory and keep the shelves looking beautiful. 

Position: Inventory management and merchandizing
Employment Type: Part time
Weekends and many holidays a must.
(Currently Sun 11-6:30, Fri 10 a.m. - 2:30 p.m.)

This position has the following benefits:
- $10/hr
- Significant discount on purchases. (Discount increases with tenure.)
- During work shifts food is FREE!
- Ability to participate in group feed-back sessions giving real input on how to grow the business.
- Opportunity to work with an ace team.

After training, our performance expectations are:
1. Making Ploughboy look great by, at a minimum, stellar and complete performance of daily and periodic tasks including:
- Stocking of inventory including proper dating and rotation
- Creatively and neatly displaying inventory on shelves and in refrigerated cases while maintaining organization, cleanliness and attractiveness
- Receiving and stocking supplies (such as boxes of deli containers)
- Meeting trucks carrying incoming inventory, checking in inventory, recording discrepancies, dating inventory received and properly placing all inventory (whether for display or backstock)
- Cleaning (and lots of it) of all displays including refrigerator merchandizers, freezer merchandizers, cleaning of shelves, floors, glass, outside areas and bathrooms (yes, we all do it) and other maintenance tasks (e.g., disposing of cardboard)
- Customer service - while this is not the predominant responsibility of this position, it will be necessary to answer questions about our foods (admitting to things you don't know and finding someone else to answer), be able to serve some prepared deli foods, sometimes operate the point of sale

2. Dedication to Ploughboy's unique style of customer service including:
- Being in-service to community, guests and other staff members
- Making guests feel truly welcome by, e.g., by feeding them tastes of our foods while they wander the market and informing guests in response to their numerous inquiries

The capabilities/skills we expect will lead to success are:
- great interpersonal skills, especially demonstration of respect for other staff members, great communication with other staff members and great support of other staff members
- dedication to organization
- dedication to cleanliness
- great adaptability and ability to thrive in environment where little is static and nothing is perfect
- absolute follow through so that every task is fully completed
- ability to constantly stand, walk, stoop, bend and lift up to 40 lbs. for an 8 hour shift

The personal characteristics we're looking for:
- uncompromising integrity
- dedication to mission
- passion for great food
- passion for team success
- finds pressure/multi-tasking a good and rewarding challenge
- consistently high energy and positive attitude
- willingness to make a commitment to stability in the position
- exceptional attention to detail

Think this position would be a good fit for you?
Then send a resume or, if you don't have a resume a statement telling us about yourself and why Ploughboy's should think you're the bomb to:

Contact us:

Ploughboy Inc.

311 H St.
Salida, CO 81201
Corner 3rd & H Streets (across from Safeway)

Phone: 719-539-5292

Hours: Mon-Sat 10am - 6pm & Sun 12pm - 6pm

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