PBI Local Foods Market:  It took root.  It found purchase.  

It bore fruit.

Time to appreciate its productivity --

and to plough it under.

Who knew that a local foods market would hit such a chord?  Who knew that Colorado had so, so many amazing food producers and innovators?  Who knew what incredible people would walk through our doors every day to revel in supporting their local economy -- and at the same time score some mind-blowingly good cheeses, meats, produce and hand-crafted foods?
We, Ploughboy staff and customers together, shared so much.  We marveled at the mastery of Lucas Salazar (a/k/a/ Meat Genius) while sharing "tastes" of his all-natural, un-cured summer sausage.  We slurped and giggled, schmearing peach juice from our drippy chins.  We worshiped at the shrine of the rotating chile roaster, the aroma of blistering Milberger Farms chiles hitting the pleasure centers of our brains.
Thank you to everyone who participated, along with us, in the great Ploughboy experiment of 2010 through 2015.  That includes our customers, City staff, producers, media and a host of others.  Collectively, we had the opportunity to see and feel and smell and taste the power a true local foods market - power to influence everything from our taste buds to our environment to our economy.  With Ploughboy's doors closed, we are no longer forging this path.  But, we are overjoyed to see so many others moving that ball forward, and in ways much bigger and better than we ever did.
Our long overdue note of thanks.  Our sincere gratitude.  And, our screamin' support for everyone who keeps finding a way of


Opening a 100-Mile Food Store in Salida, CO

Kerry and Dave Nelson decided to take a year-long sabbatical away from their busy lives as lawyers and part- time builders in Philadelphia. On the fifth day of their road trip they came upon Salida, CO - and it was love at first sight. Four days later they bought an old building they turned into a quaint, iconic grocery store they named “Ploughboy”. Its specialty? Carrying organic foods produced in Colorado, preferably within a 100 mile-radius. While supporting the local economy, Kerry & Dave wanted to make local organic food accessible to both Salida's residents and its many tourists. Their plan seemed risky but eventually met with popular success, so much so that they received the 2013 “Nature’s Plate Award” for Colorado from the Nature Conservancy.

People Are Talking



"If You Do One Thing: Swing by Ploughboy, a market and deli we raved about in “Moveable Feasts.” Pick up a lunch to pack for a hike (try the chipotle chicken salad sandwich; $6.99) and make plans to stop again on your way out of town to stock up on Colorado-produced goodies such as pasta and salsas."
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Perfect little grocery with awesome beer on tap as well. Stopped in and grabbed some sourdough and habanero jack cheese for a snack with a 3 barrell pale ale to wash it down. Very spicy but amazingly good with the sourdough. Great little shop with good people.
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