Local Food is Better Food.

The unique Ploughboy Market experience: 
We LOVE it when people tell us they've never been anyplace like Ploughboy before. 
We're out to create a GREAT FOOD EXPERIENCE for you so that together we create a new paradigm for the dedicated people who grow and make our food, for our economy and, in our own small way, for our planet.

In the news:  Ploughboy is the winner of The Nature Conservancy's 2013 Nature's Plate Award presented by The Nature Conservancy here in Colorado.  This is a HUGE honor for us since sustainability lies at the heart of what we're all about. 

Check out our some of our sustainality efforts like our custom built refrigeration that maximizes efficiency for large periods of time in the winter by drawing in outside air rather than chilling warm, interior air. 

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How do we deliver an experience that is like no other? 
We carry the best of Colorado foods such as Big B's fresh apple cider.  The proof is in the flavor!
Dave and John make from-scratch, hand-crafted foods like our Rocky Mountain apple cake, yum!, so check or our daily menu.

Our staff will treat you like you're a guest in their home and explain anything you want to know about our foods.  --Truly awesome!

In the News:

Sampling Colorado Cider at Ploughboy's New Tasting Room

Check out the review and article from the Salida Daily Post.


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It's About Sustainability

Sustainable \sə-ˈstā-nə-bəl\: Able to last or continue for a long time; involving methods that do not use up or destroy natural resources.

Ploughboy, Inc. was founded as an experiment in sustainability – little did we know it would be about way more than we originally conceived. Our initial purpose was to probe...

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Deli Menu

From-scratch daily deli

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Tasting Room

All-Colorado cider and wine
Tasting room
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